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How long (if ever) as it been since you sat in a car and could feel the power of a big V-8 engine shaking your seat while the car is just idling? The ride you are about to embark on is what it was like to grow up in a small town in Virginia in the early to mid 1980’s while driving what was considered one of the fastest street cars around. It is just as much about the people, town and county where I grew up, played and even worked and hopefully where I will retire one day. I suppose if they can stand being called the “Moonshine Capital of the United States,” I’m sure they can handle this. Most of the names have been changed just in case a skeleton or two gets dragged out of the closet… If my generation had a “label” we were not aware of it. Neither a baby boomer nor Generation-X fit considering I was born in 1965. Not that we needed an identity as it seemed most of my friends were just out to have a good time without hurting anyone else for the most part. To keep some sort of theme in hand, I tried to tell stories that related to my first car for this book. Not all of them either, as those memories will have to wait. Many others could be written (and still may) that are just as intriguing, but for now it’s certain these will keep you enthralled, especially when you can read between the lines… The first two chapters are several short, more random satires that set the tone, introduce some the “characters” and give the lay of the land as

it was back then. Then there are twelve individual anecdotes, in chronological order during a more specific time and place, with more detail plot and “players.” We did like having fun, but we also liked our freedom and always tried to keep that in mind when we were out “doing our thing.” Well, most of the time…

Okay! Part of the time…

Now read on!

Colin L Hutcherson